Cynthia Villeneuve

I am fascinated by humans. More specifically by the mind, the body, the spirit as well as movement. I strongly believe in the connection of body, mind and spirit. When treating physical illnesses it is important to consider the emotional and psychological well-being as well. It is all interconnected.


Through modalities such as various forms of Yoga (including Kundalini & Acro), Meditation, Contact Improvisational Dance, Aikido and Ecstatic dance I have become deeply aware of my body and my well-being. I have experienced what it is like to feel the Qi energy (or life force) that courses through all of us. Through this awareness I have deepened my relationship to my body and myself. I am more in tune with my needs which in turn allows me to take better care of myself. I practice compassion, self-care & self-love. I have learned how to trust my intuition which helps me make confident choices.


Reiki, Thai Yoga Massage and Dance Journeys are a great way to explore deepening your mind, body, spirit connection. That is why I feel so passionate about offering these services. My life has changed immensely since my journey began towards leading a healthier, more conscious and mindful life and so I am happy to be here to support you on your journey as well.




Professional Thai massage for health certificate from Watpo Thai Traditional Massage School, Thailand, 2018


Traditional Thai Yoga Massage certificate approved by BCRPA, 2015

Usui System of Reiki Healing Level 2 Certificate, 2014