If you are looking for deep relaxation, energy clearing, mind body connection, anxiety and/or post traumatic stress syndrome alleviation, emotional and/or physical healing then Reiki is the right modality for you.


Reiki asks that the client be open to receiving healing energy. It cannot be given to a receiver who is not seeking healing.


During a Reiki session the practitioner invites the patient to lie on their back. The practitioner serves as the energy meridian between the Universal Qi energy and the client. A meditation is done prior to treatment by the practitioner to make sure there is no exchange of personal energy between the practitioner and the client.


The practitioner will then proceed with the ''laying on of hands'' along the body, starting at the chest, down the legs & arms, around the head as well as up the back.


Most often this modality leaves the client in a state of deep relaxation. The client sometimes falls asleep and that's ok. Due to the increased energy flow from this treatment some clients might become aroused and that is completely normal too. At times, clients might feel overwhelmed, dizzy, or feel intense sensations moving throughout their bodies, or leaving their bodies and that is also normal. Vocalizing such sensations to the practitioner is encouraged either during or afterwards.

Reiki can aid with sleeping disorders, it can help relieve pain (physical & emotional), it supports the immune system, it clears energy blockages and brings the body into a state of balance.


Reiki can also serve as a healing boost to other therapies, modalities, medical treatments, even invasive surgeries. It supports both Eastern and Western medicine and promotes a well-rounded state of being.