Dancing is a great way to get out of your head and into your body. When you let go of the mind, you are able to fully be present in the present moment. When you are in your body you are able to let go of judgment, insecurities, fears, self-destructive notions you might have about yourself...because you are not stuck in your head, allowing the ego (usually the part of the brain that makes you feel less than what you truly are...) to rule your life. When the mind is quiet, like during meditation, focused activity or physical activity, you are able to truly hear your intuition, your quiet inner stillness that knows your deepest truths. Most importantly, you play! You can break free from the seriousness and heaviness of life and just play!


I am most passionate about Contact Improvisational Dance and Ecstatic Dance. In both form of dance you really discover yourself; your habits & tendencies, your fears & insecurities, your strengths & weaknesses. And you learn to trust. Not just yourself. But others. Strangers. And that is the most beautiful part!


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...and remember...

If you stumble, fall, mess up...get up, stay cool, and make it all part of your graceful dance through life!




Contact Improvisation Dance


Contact improv dance is a form of dance where two or more people explore a shared point of contact and a shared point of gravity at times. It is about listening through this shared point to the impulses the body has and exploring what can happen when this point of contact wants to move, change, push, pull, roll, slide or lift. This form of dance has both very subtle movements and large expressive open movements and that is solely determined by what each person is comfortable doing. It works with momentum and the pace is set by each dancer. Every dance is different. The idea is to let go of any agenda and fully connect to the point of contact and see where it takes you. Nothing should happen that isn't ok with you and your body first. At times, it can leave you suspended in perfect balance onto someone else's centre or shoulders if you allow it. Contact improvisation dance can teach you a lot about yourself, your fears, your tendencies and your personality as it forces you to be brave, witness yourself, to listen deeply and to surrender to each moving and still moment. Although a form of dance, any previous dance experience isn't necessary.

Come explore the Foundations to Contact Improv with Mark Young. I am delighted to be joining Mark and helping with facilitating this workshop.


 Arriving Sunday, May21st in the afternoon. Class begins on Monday morning. Final jam is Friday the 26th. Departing after breakfast on the 27th. $500Canadian includes all meals, tuition, dormitory and camping, sauna, pick-up from the Lasqueti ferry on the 21st and returned on the 27th.

This is a fabulously successful workshop, material including Tai Chi, Spiral Rolls, Crescent Rolls, Aikido Rolls, exploring the rolling point of contact with a partner and how lifts and aerials happen naturally.

We will have two classes per day of 3 hours each with evening jams and video material supporting discussion and exploration. This workshop is suited to all levels. The student who is new to Contact Improv will experience a full immersion in the form. Experienced dancers will be refining their skills and exploring greater flow and ease with being off balance and overcoming fear states, allowing old patterns to dissolve.

The sauna will be lit every evening.