Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage is a great way to attain balance throughout the entire body.

By stimulating 10 major Sen lines,(aka Meridians in Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture) throughout the body, this type of massage allows for Qi energy (aka Prana according to Yoga) to flow throughout the body, releasing blockages, restoring health and well-being. When Qi energy is blocked, the body can become ill. It can create dis-ease within the body. This dis-ease can manifest spiritually, emotionally as well as physically.


Along the Sen lines, palming and thumbing will be done, starting at the feet, up the legs, up the torso, down the arms, up along the back and up the head as well.

While stimulating these lines, the practitioner is also manipulating the client's body into different Yoga stretches. The client is sometimes asked to assist with certain poses. The stretches can be quite deep or gentler, depending on the client's preference.


At the end of the treatment, the client often feels as though they have just attended a nurturing Yoga class without having to do any of the work themselves. Its benefits are very similar to that of Yoga. When each posture is released, fresh oxygenated blood can flow throughout the body, increasing vitality, immunity & flexibility. There is an overall very relaxing calmness vibrating throughout the body afterwards.


Traditional Thai Yoga Massage is especially great for improving posture, correcting body alignment, increasing flexibility, helping with lower back pain, detoxifying the body, boosting the immune system, dissolving energy blockages that can be the cause of dis-ease & increasing mobility. It can also be used as a preventative as it strengthens joints and muscles.


It is also a great stress reducer; helping with anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder. It also helps with mental clarity, concentration, creativity and mind body connection.


Ideally, a 1.5 hour massage is recommended but 1 or 2 hour massages are also available.

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage is highly recommended for surfers!

60 minutes $100

75 minutes $120

90 minutes $135

120 minutes $160